Professional Services

HST Professional Services include Flexible Staff Augmentation and Recruiting process outsorcing. Our Staff Augmentation strategies are listed below:

Staffing Time & Material Basis: This is a standard Time and Material approach in which we provide staffing on a time and material basis. This is also commonly referred to as staff augmentation or supplemental staff. Our employees will work as our customers extended staff for the duration of a contract term.

Staffing on a Fixed Price Rotation Basis: In this solution, our customer will fund a fixed price effort for a specific period of time. Thus, we provide them with two or three types of resources on a rotation basis. Basically, each resource will complete his/her task and will be replaced by another resource and this kind of an engagement lasts for about 9 to 12 months.

Staffing on a “Project T&M”: In this scenario, customers may have a need for various skills for a project and will have a fixed budget. The customer will broadcast for a team of people with varied skills for use for a period of time. During the project cycle, we may have a need to upgrade an employee skill or replace some of the team members with a different set of skills as the project progress from one phase to the next.

We provide Professional Services in a number of specialized areas including the following

  • Bigdata, AI, IOT and eConsulting
  • Data Science, Data Analytics, BI
  • Web & Client-Server
  • IBM Mainframe and PC-Based Development of Mainframe Applications
  • ERP Applications
  • Engineering & Financial Services